Can God deal with my loneliness?

Nothing is worse than being lonely or having to live an isolated life. Nothing is worse to come through life without real contact with others. That is the very problem of many people and this also can happen inside the church.

You can sit on a chair in a party, in a bar or even in a church and still be alone. Some people engage into all kinds of relationshops, and still feel lonely. The contacts remain shallow. The same goes with the social network contacts, like Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. Many people get depressed as a result and feel at a loss about life. Every year again some of them commit suicide because they couldn’t hold the loneliness any longer. The Bible says we’re not destined to be alone. We really need someone to share our needs with.

The hardest time for Jesus he had to go through – besides his suffering and dying at the cross for our sins – was loneliness; in fact he felt abandoned by God and man. The Bible tells us in Mark 5:34 that Jesus, hanging at the cross, cried out in despair:

“My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?”

Have you sometimes felt abandoned? Do you feel lonely at times? Perhaps this is the problem you’ve got to cope with every day.

One of the causes of loneliness is that they don’t have anyone to open themselves up to them. They don’t know anybody to whom they could express their deepest feelings; feelings of fear, sorrow, hurt, inferiority or guilt. Another cause of many people’s loneliness may be the lack of understanding of others. They weren’t able to find someone who can understand them. You may well have tried to talk with someone about your problems. You’d have opened up to some person and honestly told him what went on, but the other just couldn’t put himself in your shoes.

You may be confronted with incomprehension, you feel like your problems are ignored over the conversation. Or you get an unworkable answer, if at all. You may have tried to find a solution to your loneliness. Many think they could overcome their loneliness by finding a partner. Others try to blend into the masses, wearing a mask and ignore to be themselves. Whatever they’re trying, the inner void remains. The parties, going out, alcohol or sexuality didn’t help to take away the inner void.



The answer to your problems is Jesus Christ. He is the One who died for your sins. He knows you, and so your deepest feelings and problems. And He is willing to help you.

The reason why so few people are experiencing anything of Him is due to the wall of sin which is standing between them and God. The only way to break through this wall is to repent. When we repent, God will forgive us our sins and He will put away our sinful heart and gives us a new heart. The Bible says in

2 Corinthians 5:17 ‘Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new’.

This is which we call being born again. According to the Gospel of John chapter 1, we are indeed children of God from that moment on.

Repentance isn’t just a prayer, it means resolving to seek God’s will in everything since. It is followed by a decision to serve God. One of the decisions we are to make is seeking a church in which God’s Word is still being preached according to Biblical standards. The cause of the emptying of many churches is that their preaching failed to provide an answer to the problems of daily life. The preaching couldn’t help the peoples to engage into a deeper relationship with God. They haven’t been led to repentance.

If you are involved in sins like vileness, sexuality outside of marriage, abuse of alcohol, addictions, hatred, lies or any other sin the Bible mentions, it is vital that you deal with it. Jesus Christ really can set you free.

You can truly experience Jesus Christ in your life. He is able to take away the loneliness. In Him we never have to be alone anymore. He knows us, He understands us and He can help us.

Click here if you want to pray to God and ask Him to forgive your sins.

In case you’d like to know more about this topic: we challenge you to come and see our next service and allow God to speak to your heart. God really wants to help you.