Prayer to God for forgiveness, deliverance and eternal life


Pray this prayer to God with a honest heart:

"Jesus, I come to You. I admit that I have sinned and have turned away from You. I'd like to ask You to forgive me and to wash me clean with Your blood. I'd like to ask You to come into my heart and to do a miracle. From now on, I want to do Your will. I thank You for being My Saviour. I pray this prayer in Jesus' name. Amen".


If you've made a choice for Jesus, we'd like to help you to grow in God. You are now born again, but on a spiritual level, you are still very young, like a baby, who needs spiritual food to be able to attain eternal life. A second reason is that a church, faithful to the Bible, is very important. Jesus is the good Shepherd and you have chosen to come into His flock. Every sheep can only be taken care of within His flock!

If you haven't made that choice, but you're curious or interested, you're very welcome to come to our services and/or activities. For general or personal questions you can always get in touch with us.

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