Hi, I’m Swantje. I’d like to tell you what Jesus has done in my life. Jesus saved me out of the deep darkness I was in. I was just an average, plain girl at school, a wallflower. The teachers often ignored me. I was a silent student and didn’t dare to share strong views. At home, I was completely the opposite; I was loud, short-tempered and I was full of anger and hatred. So many times, I’d been thinking: ‘You’re up to no good, you’re not pretty and nobody cares about you!’. I often had the feeling being in a hall full of people standing up and screaming in order to get noticed, but nobody heard me. ‘What’s my life for anyway?’ I thought at such moments. ‘Who would really care when I die? My parents, yes they would, but how about the others?’ I suffered from depressions and thoughts of suicide. I had an inner void and I longed for satisfaction and for a purpose in my life. Every day I stood up with a mask and every night I went back to bed brokenhearted.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do after finishing high school. So I went to Holland as an au pair for 1 year. After that year, I couldn’t choose between the studies Physiotherapy in Groningen and Health Sciences in Maastricht. In the end of the summer holidays, my parents and I had a grave car accident. It showed me that life could be over in a sec. Ever since, I decided to have God involved in the choice of a study. I was turned down for Physiotherapy so I had to start in Maastricht. It was the perfect study for me!

I was looking for a church and I came across the ‘The Door’ website; and I went to the service. I immediately felt like home. The guys there knew real joy and I could sense Gods presence. In February, God convinced me that I couldn’t be a real Christian, unless I repent from my sins and my selfishness. Since the moment I asked to be forgiven and accepted Jesus as my Savior and Lord, my life totally changed. I know now that I’m Gods precious child and that I can trust God in everything. God helped me to break out the lies that had been spinning around in my head. I’m no longer that silent and shy girl. On the contrary – with Gods help I dare to step up to people at the streets to tell them what Jesus did with my life and that He could do the same for them!

I’ve a great joy in my heart, because I really know that I have eternal life. My void has been filled with Gods love. Jesus removed my mask and I can be myself; God made me as I am and He is accepting me. This present of Jesus, He has it for you too!


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