Hi my name is Romke and I will gladly tell you the fabulous things God did for me.

When I was nineteen years old, I converted, which turned out to be the great turn in my life. Before, I lived according to my own way. I held strong principles on issues what was right and wrong. If anyone did not behave along my standards, then I all rejected them. That were one of the reasons why I became really lonely. I got very depressed, I had no idea where to go to. I did not have the faintest idea about my future. Whether I would become a successful businessman or end up in the gutter, I did not have any clue.

I knew about a women who did not only talk about God and faith, but she also lived to biblical standards. I went to visit her. She told me that I needed Gods mercy, and that I needed to repent from my sins.

I was convinced about my own sins and immediately it occurred to me that I didn't even comply to my own standards! One of my basic principles was never to lie. Whenever I did not want to lie, I did it anyway. Just as with other wrongful things. I also smoked, drank, I did anything what was bad. Well, I gave my heart to Jesus and God came into my heart. Immediately I experienced His love, warmth and peace. It is hard to describe, all I can say is: it is fantastic.

If you would bump into me somewhere and I were to look serious, make no mistake. In my heart I always am happy. Why not go for it! Ask God into your heart. He will change your heart, your thoughts and build your character.

By the way, I am hard of hearing. Some three years ago I visited the Door church in Maastricht for the first time. I could understand a mere 20% of the sermon; I thought 'what he preached, that would be ok'. Now, three years later, my ears are the same, but God just skipped my limitations. I now translate complete sermons into Spanish at every service. I never heard of a hard of hearing person who could translate a presentation, sermon, or anything like that simultaneously by ear.

The other special thing is, on the Bible Conference in Zwolle many pastors from different countries come to preach in English (after every couple of sentences it is being translated into Dutch on stage). I take notes of 30-minutes sermons on three letter-sized pages in English. Whereas I could hardly note down some sentences of lectures at school.

To God nothing is impossible! I challenge you to discover all that God can do in your life! I recommend you warmly to accept Him!

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