Hi, my name is Helma and I’d like to let you know that God has changed my life!

I have been born and risen as a catholic but I didn’t experience anything of God. I had many questions about faith, but I couldn’t find any answers anywhere. In fact, strife had been in my heart all along, as if it missed something. And just like everybody else in my neighborhood, I filled up that empty spot with everything: always been busy with this and that, with friends, the going out, etc. And I wondered if that was all in my life and how you’d ever become happy.

I went through my life like this, until the moment somebody learned me that you really can get to know God, as a personal friend. I never heard of this before. I was interested and I started to pray, reading the Bible, asking things of God. And boy, I got answers!

Many prayers have been answered and a lot of things started to change in my life. Things I struggled with for many years, began to restore. The biblical words became alive for me just like that. I realized it wasn’t just boring stories of 2000 years ago, but it is telling about my life of now! It told that it was I that have bitterness in my heart, I that needed forgiveness and I that had to forgive others as well. I accepted the sacrifice of Jesus Christ at the cross and I asked forgiveness for all my sins and mischief I had done.

I decided to start a new life and do it God’s way. The consequence of it were that I was getting great peace in my heart and I began to change; after 26 years of my life - at last - I became Helma as God supposed me to be. What a relief, what a joy! I got peace and certainty in my heart as well about the Hereafter, of which I always had been afraid. God gave me the certainty that there won’t be a Judgment for me because my sins have been forgiven and I will be in heaven with Him in happiness.

I’m still experiencing God, He is performing many miracles and He is able to freshen up every life anew! It is amazing beautiful to be a child of God. So, if you don’t know Him yet; I would open up my heart for Him if I were you…

Bye, Helma.

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