Hi, my name is Hans and I’m 41 years old, I’m married and I have three daughters.

I’d like to tell you about the profound change that took place in my life. Before, I used to lead a secluded life; I rarely left home. The TV was constantly on at home; that’s why I watched a lot of TV to fill my inner void. I became socially inhibited as a result. I always had lovely parents who cared much about me, but they weren’t able to take away my loneliness. I didn’t share important things and my interests with them that much. At school I was an outsider and I was bullied because I was very shy that time. I tried to escape the reality of my lonely life with books and computer games.

I was fond of fairy tales and through these, I came to the so-called Fantasy Role-Playing Games like ‘Dungeons and Dragons’. You could design yourself in these role-playing games as you wish yourself to be. You could make yourself as cool, strong, handsome and intelligent as you like; so you could become a hero and fight evil beings that threatened mankind. I earnestly wanted to be a hero because I thought my life was boring and I was unhappy with myself. Actually, I desired a different and a new life.

I discovered the magic aspect of these games. In these fantasy world, there was a physical law called magic, which could change reality within that fantasy world to your advantage. So you could become a very mighty personality in that fantasy world, as you grew alike in magic powers.
I liked the use of magic so much that I desired it to become real in my own world. I started reading occult books. Sure enough, I found out that magic is very real.

One day, I wanted to buy a book at a second-hand bookstore. When I read it, I was shocked by the contents. It talked about seceding your own body. It also mentioned mythical beings that you could meet there, it also said that you have to keep close to your body else you’d never be able to turn back again. Good that it shocked me, since some people had a near-death-experience, as they have the same kind of stories. They also seceded their own body and saw scary demon-like beings. I didn’t knew then that magic and sorcery come from the devil. God doesn’t want us to get involved in this, because of His love for us. The devil is a fallen angel, but he still possesses certain power that angels also have; and he will use these powers to delude us with the argument there’s nothing that could steal away our soul away from God. For Satan is the father of lies.

I went studying in Maastricht. At school, I came across a girl who wasn’t a popular person like me. But she proved to have a way with words, so I admired her. She was able to hurt people very well with the words she spoke out. I wanted that too, because I wanted to learn to stand up for myself. But some day, I noticed a changing in her. She stopped slandering and lying. She stopped smoking. It seemed she became much happier and joyful. And she started talking about Jesus.

She talked much about Him with me. I called myself a Christian, but I was aware that I didn’t behave like one. And she did things a Christian ought to do; that is something I wanted too. Moreover, I was looking for value for my life; which was nowhere to be found. So when this girl said me that God has counted every hair lock on my head and that He is waiting for me to receive me with open arms. Just like the father did with his son in the parable of the Prodigal Son. This touched my heart, because I didn’t know God as my Father. Although I didn’t allow myself to be convinced, her words worked through in my heart. However, at home, I went on my knees and – with tears in my eyes – I begged God for forgiveness of my sins and I asked Him if He wanted to give me a new chance. I declared that I would follow Jesus from that moment on. My loneliness disappeared instantly.

Through that girl, I found out there was an evangelic congregation in Maastricht and she invited me to come. I went there and the preacher preached about something that deeply touched me, as if the sermon has been written for me. I went forward at the altar call. God radically changed my life ever after.

I’m married with that girl now. She is a fantastic woman and I’m sharing three great daughters with her. Wonderful blessings of God.

Afterwards, I discovered that God gave me the very thing I always have longed for: a new life. He wants to use that life to use it well. So I can be a hero for God with my friends in the church, by bringing the Gospel to this sick world to save people from Judgment and Hell, to save them from spiritual monsters. I also discovered that God proved to be stronger than any magic or any magic spell. God is stronger than the devil, stronger than all kinds of sin. God wants to give you the victory. God wants to give you a new identity. A new plan. God has value for you; something the world cannot offer you. For God is the One who really loves you. He proved His love for you when he went to the Cross for your sins and to help you to change and to open up the Way to Heaven. Grab that chance and choose to become His child.

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