My name is Annemieke Lindl and I’d like to put something on this website about my faith.

I’ve been born and risen in a family of whom everybody went to church (the Dutch Synod Reformed church) almost every Sunday. We are used to pray for dinner and to read from the Bible. As a child, I was certain that I believed in God. But when I became a teenager, I began to doubt. Other people at my school didn’t believe in God at all, and I wondered ‘God, if You really exist, what precisely are You doing all the day?’

After a couple of years, I went to a boarding school abroad. I went to the church, here and there, and once a classmate asked me to come to her evangelical church. The atmosphere there breathed joy, certainty and kindness. I kept coming there and in due time I noticed about the differences between these people and those who believed in God I knew from my childhood.

I also noticed that the preacher did altar calls to people who wanted to give their lives to Jesus, I was not used to that way of closing a church service. I thought I didn’t need to respond to the call, I already believed in God, right? But I noticed that the people of that church did let God to be involved in their decisions and their entire life. They truly have themselves led by Gods standards in the Bible and by all that they experienced of God. I saw them becoming happy and peaceful of this.

And I realized that I have been born and risen as Christian, baptized as a baby, visited church, and the like, but I never thought of God’s opinion on anything. I was used to make my own decisions and I did all that I thought I had to do. I also read in the Bible (Ephesians 2:1-10) that God sees everybody who lives in sin as spiritually dead; but those who have come to Him in faith are made alive by Christ. This salvation was made possible because Jesus wanted to die at the cross as a perfect sacrifice for reconciliation from our sins and He was risen (Romans 5:8-10). I also decided to make the choice to follow Jesus with all I had, did and thought. And I noticed a complete change in my life.

I found it difficult to believe that God would be satisfied with my choice for Him. Have I been obedient enough, have I been a good Christian, have I been sincere? But I felt very confirmed of me being a real Christian when I became baptized with the Holy Spirit some three months later by which I began to speak in tongues (a language of prayer you don’t understand yourself). I was so delighted of this blessing I received of God! The Bible says (1 Corinthians 12:10) this is a gift of the Holy Spirit and an unbeliever cannot receive this Spirit (John 14:17)

I have seen various miraculous healings as well, seen answers from prayers, I felt the ointment of God and I saw people saying things they never could have known of, unless they’d have heard it from God. God changed my heart quite a lot, so, as a result I started to help people around me instead of not be thoughtful on their problems and to think about myself first.

As God is always with me and Who is able to give friendship, help, love without ever having nasty traits (as all people have them), I found out that deep in my heart, I am not looking for friendship and acceptation that desperately anymore as I did before.

God is my Friend and He accepted me, and if somebody can’t or won’t do, that would be a pity, but it’s not the end of the world! Make a choice for Jesus too, it’s the best thing you can do!

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