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I’ll tell you with joy the story about all what happened to my Brazilian mother-in-law. This to encourage everyone who have been praying for Gods help and not have seen their prayers heard yet. Because God Still Heals!

According to me, there are two categories of help:
- help, which cannot be delayed due to its urge; by which God takes immediate action, so as to lengthen the life on earth; and
- help which comes after a while for the believer, who is waiting in full confidence that healing will happen on the date set by God.

My Brazilian woman, my daughter and I feel privileged to see God moving as the Great Healer in all His power and all His goodness. Here is the story of Ana Maria from Natal, Brazil.

Ana Maria has been risen – and still lives – in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Natal. The continuing total lack of luxuries – even of the primary necessities – never stopped Ana Maria to believe in God. On the contrary, she is a shining example to everybody. Despite of her lack of education, she is able to spread around biblical wisdoms of high quality. Often I marveled about how God is working through such a humble woman; she is evangelizing in an impressing way. Ana Maria has everything you may expect from a follower of the Lord: she’s honest, reliable, hospitable and loving to her neighbors above all. A little more, as I see it: she sets a bright example like Jesus in everything she does.

Now, what happened? Her weight dropped down very quickly early 2011, and she had to see the doctor. That is not easy in Brazil. The whole care system is split in two. First of all, healthcare is free to all. This sounds good, but there is always a lack of money, so this is hardly functioning. Long queues of sick people before the medical practices seeking treatment in the next morning are a very normal phenomenon in Brazil. Medicines are only available at the state drugstores and are limited in availability and only on certain days. A waiting time of years for an operation is very common so it comes often too late. Secondly, private healthcare, which is of a good quality and well managed. Unfortunately, this is only for those who can afford it. First pay, then you may count on help.

In the meantime, Ana discovered a knob in her throat. Since she was given donations, Ana could be referred to the private hospital right away. They made an echo which showed 4 tumors on Ana’s thyroid gland. They couldn’t establish the swelling to be benign or malign. A biopsy was needed and an payment in advance was asked for it.

It was the 3rd of July 2011 at that moment; we had a special service with evangelist Wolter Alkema in our congregation. The credo of these services is: GOD STILL HEALS!

We prayed for Ana during this service and we asked the Lord to intervene. Not precisely to collect thousands of euros for the necessary operation – but for total healing of Ana. The moment Evangelist Alkema laid hands on me, so as to ask total healing for Ana from the Lord, I felt the Spirit of the Lord who was trying to tell me something. I wasn’t aware of what it was. The only thing I noticed was a remarkable rest and peace that was taking over me.

Now back to Ana: I got bad news from Brazil, the biopsy failed. We thought Ana to be another victim of the widespread corruption in that country; how could a biopsy fail!? Not sending up the tissue for laboratory research would be profitable to the doctor. In spite of everything, this wasn’t the case. Because the Lord already intervened, yet this wasn’t something we were aware of that time. As the biopsy had failed, the doctor thought a blood research necessary.

It was the 10th of July of 2011, and the pastor informed me about my mother-in-law. I told him the bad news of the biopsy that failed; and the good news that 350 euro had been collected at a birthday party to pay for the operation of Ana. And I told him that day that I had the strange and wonderful sense that all this would not be necessary and I felt an overwhelming assurance that God would heal Ana.

Ana had an appointment at the hospital on the 14th of July for the blood results and for discussing the next steps. The doctor told her the biopsy failed because they couldn’t find any tumors. The blood research turned no results as well. As she had money with her, they decided to make another echo the next day. On this echo the tumors were completely vanished; while on the first echo they were clearly visible. The treating doctor told of a miracle and wasn’t able to give a medical explanation at all.

To everybody: you too can be healed. Persist in your faith and have deep-rooted confidence in your Creator. It will be only a matter of time for your prayers to be heard.

With thanks to the Lord for His great love, faithfulness, and goodness to mankind and Ana in particular.


Maastricht, The Netherlands, 16th of July 2011

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